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Water Filters

Browse our comprehensive offers on water filtration.

 We offer a wide range of affordable water filtration system options for your home. Browse through our filtration choices online to find top of the range water purifiers today.

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What are water filters used for?

A water filter is used to separate impurities from the water that we use to drink, bathe, or even swim in. The contaminated water is cleaned either by a chemical process or by using physical barriers to prevent unwanted pollutants from mixing with the purified water. The most common use of water filters is to remove chlorine from water that people want to consume. Our online store provides customers with great filtration solutions. With us, you can conveniently shop for great water filtering deals.

Different types of water filters

At LiveStainable EcoFiccient Living, we offer a wide variety of cost-effective water filtration systems. Some of the most popular water filter options you can shop on our website include:

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis (RO) is a process of purifying water by means of a filtration membrane. The filtration membrane uses the power of pressure to allow water to passes through it, while any unwanted bacteria or large particles get captured and separated from the purified water.

LiveStainable offers customers great reverse osmosis alternatives for home use, including under counter reverse osmosis pumps. See our range of products to find the best solution for you today.

Under Counter Water Filter

We at LiveStainable EcoFiccient Living present our customers with different options when it comes to water purification. One of these solutions includes under counter water filters. This type of filter gets installed underneath the kitchen counter. The filtered water stream then flows through your supply line as you open the faucet for water, making this the most convenient way of filtering water in your home.

Water Dispenser

Water Dispensers, also known as water coolers, are machines that are used to clean and decrease the number of contaminants found in ordinary tap water.

Promote sustainable living when you use a water dispenser machine in your home. Save money and the environment by reducing the amount of plastic water bottles you would use and invest in our stainless-steel water dispenser that comes with a built-in 3 stage water filter unit or view other affordable home appliances that contribute to a sustainable lifestyle today.

Whole house water filter

By investing in a whole house water filter, you can rest assured that your entire living space is maintained with safe and clean water.

The benefits of using a whole house water filter is countless. Not only are you consuming great water, but the water used to shower with will also be pure. Consumers often forget that the water we clean ourselves with also seeps into the pores of our skin. By using a whole house water filtration system, your hair, nails, and skin will also benefit tremendously. 

These filter options are just a few that we provide at LiveStainable EcoFiccient Living. If you want to see our complete range, why not take a look at our water filter system solutions available for purchase on our website now. We also offers the best geyser thermostat price and affordable heat pump prices in South Africa.

Benefits of using water filters to promote a sustainable lifestyle

Installing a filtration system in your house, will allow you to reap many benefits for your health and wellness, as well as promote saving our planet. Some of these benefits include having access to safe and clean water, saving money and ensuring that your home has great tasting water.

 Often people’s perception of bottled water being of a higher quality than tap water, prevents them from realising that the plastic bottles are a hazardous object for the environment. By simply installing a water filter in your home, you can do your part to save the planet by decreasing the amount of toxins that get absorbed into the soil from the plastic as it gets decomposed.

Gaining access to clean and safe water without depending on the Earth’s natural resources is a key factor in sustainable living. Contribute to saving the environment and manage the cleanliness of your water by investing in an environmentally safe water filtration system from LiveStainable EcoFiccient Living’s online shop today.  Take a look at what we have on offer to find the best eco-friendly home improvement products for your home today. 


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