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Shop High-Quality Camping Equipment and Outdoor Gear in South Africa

Camping is without a doubt a favourite pastime amongst South Africans. With our wide open nature parks and gorgeous year round weather, going camping is a natural holiday choice.

At Livestainable, we are all about outdoor expeditions. We stock a wide variety of camping equipment and outdoor gear, all well-priced and sourced from the brands known for their exceptional quality..

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We have all of the camping gear for both new and experienced campers and with our range of lightweight camping gear and winter camping gear, you can start planning the perfect weekend away.

Camping Equipment and Outdoor Gear Range

The Livestainable camping equipment and outdoor gear range includes popular outdoor brands as well as the lesser-known brands. We’ve made sure to stock everything you could possibly need for your next adventure and if you are looking for something specific you can always give us a call and we will help you out in any way we can.

Although our camping equipment and outdoor gear range is always growing, at the moment, this is what we have in stock:

· Camping Covers

Camping covers are a must have camping accessory, and it is especially important to have if you are a keen camper who gets a lot of use from the gear you own.

Camping covers are designed to cover all sorts of camping equipment, keeping them free from water and dirt, essentially giving them a longer lifespan by ensuring that your gear and equipment stays in the best possible condition.

The best camping covers are manufactured by a brand called Camp Covers, and they supply one of the biggest ranges of coverings. Make sure that when you buy new camping gear you find the compatible camp cover, before you head outdoors.

· Camping Furniture

To make any camping adventure that little bit more comfortable, having the right camping furniture is a must. Camping furniture covers everything from chairs, tables and stretches, to mattresses and washing up basins. Because they are camping furniture, they are generally lightweight and made from sturdy canvas and other similar types of tough materials.

Camping furniture is also designed to be really easy to clean and since they can be protected by a proper camping cover, when you buy good quality camping furniture and you take good care of it, you can be sure to get many years of good use.

· Cool Bags and Picnic

Since not all camping spots and nature parks have a shop nearby, two of the camping essentials that you must have in your camping gear setup is a cool bag and a picnic basket or bag. Having a few cool bags is a great option because they come in different sizes and can have different purposes. The bigger cool bags are ideal for packing perishables like meats, vegetables and fruits, while a smaller bag is perfect for keeping beverages cold.

Picnic bags have their place too, as they are the perfect accessory for storing things like knives and forks, and the best picnic bags will also have a place for plates and perhaps even a table cloth.

We stock Totai and Camp Cover cooler bags and picnic bags.

· Gazebos

To provide you with extra shade and to have something that can also double as a tent covering or a cover for the area in which you are preparing your meals. The gazebo generally comes in 2 standard sizes, which is the 2.5 meter and the 4 meter, although you should be able to find other sizes as well.

Once you get the hang of it, you will find that your gazebo is really easy to set up and because it has so many versatile uses, when you buy a gazebo, you will find that it quickly becomes one of the most useful pieces of camping gear that you have.

· Lighting

With the numerous camping lighting options available, you will never have to worry about sitting in the dark. From battery operated flashlights made by brands like Kroma, Bright Star and NiteCore, to solar lights and mini USB lights, you will have an array of great options to keep your camping site well lit.

· Luggage and Travel

Although it might just be a weekend away, having the right type of camping luggage is immensely important if you want to be sure that you have enough space to place everything you wish to take with you. The right luggage becomes even more important when you intend to be away for more than a few days. At Livestainable we have all sorts of luggage, including vanity bags, multi-purpose bags, and wash bags.

· Off-Grid Camping

Not all camping sites provide access to electrical points, and not all campers want a modern camping experience. Off-grid camping can be rather rustic and so you will need things like solar powered systems and extension cables, to provide your camping spot with all of the power you will need.

We stock battery packs, camping solar panels, and solar chargers.

· Outdoor Cooking

Braaing is the staple of outdoor cooking when you are camping, and having the right accessories is important because you don’t want to be in the middle of the bush without a certain cooking item. In our shop you will find everything you need, from cast iron frying pans and woks, to gas hobs and burners with pilot lights.

· Outdoor Fireplaces

Nothing quite beats the outdoor fireplace and you don’t have to be camping to enjoy one. With easy to install iron bomas, you can enjoy that rustic outdoor experience, from the comfort of your own home. Outdoor fireplaces are a wonderful thing to have on cold winter nights.

· Power Banks

To access electricity during emergencies or when you are in an out of reach place, having a fully charged power bank nearby can come in really handy. We stock power banks from some of the best brands, including Flexopower, Goal Zero and Powertraveller.

· Satellite Communication

When you are camping in one of those really out of reach places, you are likely to be far away from cell reception or even a phone. In this case, you will want to make sure that you have a way to stay connected via satellite. Tracking devices and two way radios using satellites are the most reliable options.

· Tents

Camping is impossible if you don’t have a good tent. At Livestainable, we have a range of high-quality, easy to erect tents for sale. Some of the brands we have available include Totai.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the best camping gear?

The best camping gear includes tents, lighting, camping furniture, sleeping bags, cooking accessories, and some source of power, whether it is solar power or a charged power bank.

Where can I buy hiking gear?

You can buy all of your hiking gear at Livestainable. We stock a massive range of outdoor equipment including all sorts of camping gear. We have everything you need for your next outdoor adventure.

What type of tent should I buy?

The type of tent you should buy is the type that can sleep the number of people who will be using it. Make sure that the tent you choose has more than enough space for everyone to be comfortable, and it should also have additional space for luggage.

What are the best outdoor folding chairs?

The best outdoor folding chairs are those made by Totai. These chairs are made with a durable material and they are designed to be easy to travel with. These lightweight chairs are also easy to carry.

Who makes the best camping chairs?

Totai makes the best camping chairs and you can buy them from Livestainable.

How do you use a gas braai?

You can use a gas braai by first cleaning the braai and then making sure that it is properly connected to the gas source before heating it up. Once the braai is at the desired heat, you can braai as you would on any other braai.