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Find the Best Lifestyle Products and Kitchen Appliances for Your Home

Filling you home with all sorts of beautiful lifestyle products and kitting out your kitchen with all of the appliances you could possibly need to make life easier, is the best way to customise your home in the way the reflects who you are..

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When selecting your lifestyle products, you will have a lot of different items to choose from, and each item will have a place in every room in your home. Lifestyle products range from those items that have a purpose to those that just make life that little bit more comfortable or which have a decorative quality.

And in your kitchen, the products you choose are those that make preparing food and drinks a breeze, while also not taking up loads of electricity.

Whether you are working on a tight budget or if you have plenty of money to splash out on new items, you will find everything you need when you shop from Livestainable.

We have sourced a wide variety items from some of the world’s best manufacturers. The lifestyle products and kitchen appliances for sale are affordable and each can give you many years of exceptional use.

Lifestyle Products

Within our incredible range of lifestyle products, you will find something for every room in your home, from kitchen appliances to those essential housekeeping must-haves.


The kitchen is the heart of the home. It is where just about every meal is prepared and it is also often a social spot. From the moment you wake up in the morning and grab that first cup of coffee, to the moment you end the long day by wiping down the last of the dinner plates, your kitchen is possibly the one place where you will be spending a lot of your time. And it helps to have the kitchen appliances and products to make your time in the kitchen, time well spent.

At Livestainable, we have every kind of kitchen appliance imaginable including cooker hoods, blenders, kitchen scales, rib racks, pedal bins, every pot and pan imaginable, washing brushes, cutting boards, and so much more.

You can buy all of these products using our online shop.

Living room

The living room is likely to be the other spot in your home where you will be spending your time and most people understandably want to make it an oasis of calm and a space that suits their personality and personal tastes.

To create a certain ambiance in your living room and to provide natural heating during those ice cold winter nights, every living room can benefit from having a fireplace. The fireplace is easier to install than you think and they are most certainly going to contribute to creating that much sought after cosy feeling.

The fireplaces that are available from Livestainable include freestanding fireplaces as well as the built-in kind. We also have a beautiful little cast iron fireplace that can add a rustic aesthetic to any home.


Everyone deserves a beautiful bathroom and having the right bathroom accessories in place can really change the way that you experience your bathroom. Simple things like a shower caddy which is used to place things like shampoo bottles and soaps, glass corner shelves, towel rings, pedal bins, grab bars, extendable mirrors, tumbler holders and towel bars, will help to conveniently pack everything away in its own place.

Laundry room

The laundry room is one of the more neglected rooms in the home, and yet it serves the important function of being the place where you wash your clothing and where you store away all of your laundry machines and accessories.

To give your laundry room something extra, you can include fabric laundry bins, and laundry trolleys for storage. You can also buy laundry dryers like foldable washing lines and spindles. All of these items can be bought from Livestainable.

Housekeeping and cleaning

At Livestainable you can buy all of the odds and ends used for keeping your home neat and tidy. Clotheslines, ironing boards, insect killers, suit bags, shoe racks, irons, vacuum machines and more all fall under housekeeping and cleaning, and you can find all of these items and more when you shop online.

All of our items are really affordable and prices vary depending on the brand you are buying.

Climate Control & Air Purifiers

Modern living allows you to have full control over the climate within your home as well as the air quality, and this is possible when you have the right climate control and air purifying accessories. When shopping from Livestainable, you can choose from a large variety of fans and heaters. Some of our products are available in different colours, which allows you to customise the products to match the décor of the room you are placing it in.

Decor & Furniture

Every home has its own look and personality, which you can mould and shape according to your tastes and your expectations. When creating your perfect idea of a home, you can choose from the Livestainable selection of décor and furniture to find the ideal items to adorn your home with.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top 10 kitchen appliances brands?

The top 10 Kitchen appliance brands include (in no particular order):

  1. Samsung
  2. Smeg
  3. Bosch
  4. Whirlpool
  5. Bright Star
  6. Megamaster
  7. Alva
  8. Wenko
  9. Casa
  10. Sunbeam

Each of these brands manufacture some of the world’s most sought after kitchen appliances.

Where is the best place to buy small kitchen appliances?

The best place to buy small kitchen appliances is at Livestainable. We stock a wide range of exceptional kitchen appliances for you to kit out your kitchen with.

Where can I buy nice homeware?

You can buy nice homeware online at Livestainable. Every one of your homeware items can be bought from our shop and we ship all throughout South Africa.

Where can I buy inexpensive home decor?

You can buy affordable home décor from Livestainable. Our products can be ordered online and with our range you can easily fill your home with all sorts of beautiful home décor.