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Home Alarm Systems and CCTV Cameras for Sale for in South Africa

How sure are you that your home is secure? When was the last time you checked for the latest security technology? Home alarm systems and CCTV cameras could help to protect both your family and your possessions.

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Living in South Africa raises so many concerns around home security and keeping ourselves and our loved ones safe from the criminal elements that haunt our suburbs. While there are no fail proof ways of securing your home, having the right system in place is better than having no system at all.

At Livestainble, we stock some of the world’s leading security technology brands such as Nemtek, IDS, Dahua, Ubiquiti Networks, Centurion, ZK Teco, ACDC, and Mapesen. Each of these brands is renowned for their ingenuity and their constant innovation, as well as their commitment to providing clients with affordable security options.

From gate motors for automatic gates, to alarm systems and more, the combination of these products gives home owners numerous security options to take advantage of. These security solutions are fairly simple to get to grips with and can easily be installed. Once in place, these security features immediately start providing extra security to your home.

The security products you can buy from Livestainable work well with one another, enhancing your security and ensuring that intruders have a tough time getting in.

Our range of home security products

Alarm Systems

The most basic type of security system and one that is in just about every home, the security alarm system is an old school product that still delivers on the promise of keeping you secure. Alarm systems are designed to be standalone security features while they can also be connected to an armed response company. Nemtek, IDS, O-Lite, and Ubiquiti all make excellent alarm systems.

Automation Access Control

If you’d like to have more control over who enters your property, or if you want to avoid having to leave your vehicle at night in order to open your gate when returning home late, having an automated access control system is a must. This kind of system allows you to open your gate by simply pressing a button, with a gate motor doing all the hard work. The best company to buy your automation access control system is without a doubt Centurion.

Biometric Access Control

Another access control system, but one that doesn’t open doors for you, is the biometric access control system. Using distinguishing features such as a fingerprint or a retina, an access control system of this kind will scan the feature to determine whether or not someone has been granted access. These systems are generally attached to doors, but can also be used on gates. A popular manufacturer of these types of systems is ZK Teco.

DVR Systems

DVR stands for Digital Video Recorder and it works with analog cameras. This means that instead of providing processed video footage, you’ll get the raw version which will then need to be processed using a recorder. The DVR system is a discreet one and can be used indoors without becoming an unsightly part of your home. Some of the best DVR systems are those made by Dahua.

Indoor Security Systems

Indoor security systems come in a variety of shapes and sizes and they are more than capable of providing you with as much indoor cover as you could possibly need. Such security includes optical zoom cameras, CCTV kits, and other types of useful security cameras. Indoor security systems are made by Dahua and Mapeseen.

Outdoor Security Systems

Outdoor security systems are some of the best crime deterrents. When criminals know they can be seen on camera and when they are spooked by motion detecting lightings, they are less likely to break in. Dahua and ZK Teco manufacture some of the most effective outdoor security systems.

Solar Security Systems

With a solar security system, you are improving your security while also saving money and energy. Solar security systems are immensely reliable as they connected to a solar battery, which ensures that the security system is always powered. The best solar security systems are manufactured by EZVIZ.

Wireless NVR Systems

Wireless systems are a great option for those who don’t have a nearby internet access portal and using such systems is also great because it allows you to install the system in even the most out of reach places, without the worry of the system not being physically connected. Wireless NVR systems include video recorders, and CCTV kits, by brands like Dahua and EZVIZ.

Thermal Cameras

Thermal imaging cameras are always a useful system to have set up, as criminals won’t be able to hide away from the all-seeing power of thermal technology. Although they were once out of reach of the everyday homeowner, thermal technology has become easily accessible and can be bought from some of the most affordable brands like ACDC.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is an alarm system with cameras?

An alarm system with cameras can cost R 1500 and upwards. The more intricate systems, and those with more cameras can cost up to R 10 000.

What is the best home security camera system to buy?

The best home security camera system you can buy is the type that requires minimal wiring. It connects to a Wi-Fi connection and is more than able to provide you with consistent coverage without the worry about cables suddenly disconnecting. The other type of home security camera to buy is the CCTV.

Which is better wired or wireless security cameras?

The wireless security camera is the better option because it can be placed in even the most out of reach places. The wireless camera minimises costs because there is no cabling or need to set up complicated, pricey, networks.

What is the best CCTV system for home?

The best CCTV for the home includes the Mapeseen. These high-quality CCTV systems are designed for home use and they are more than capable of providing a great image which can be used to identify criminals should they get into your home.

How long does it take to install security cameras?

It can take only a few hours to install security cameras both in your home and around it. Once the cameras are in place and connected, they will immediately start working.

How much does a security cameras cost to install?

The cost to install a security camera is generally priced per camera or per meter of wire. The costs will change depending on the company you hire to install your cameras as well as the number of cameras you’d like to have. You can bank on R 1000 or more when installing bigger networks.