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Tools for Sale in South Africa

At Livestainable we have a wide range of durable tools for sale in South Africa. Shop our DIY hardware and supplies at the best prices online.

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DIY projects are growing in popularity, as more South African’s find that they would rather learn how to do things themselves than be dependent on someone else for assistance. And luckily, with the massive range of power tools as well as smaller hand tools available, DIY enthusiasts are in the perfect position to plan that dream home build, and then easily and beautifully finish it off.

At Livestainable, we aim to help our clients with whatever it is that they need and we like to play an empowering role, ensuring that each of our clients can be more independent and self-sustainable. Along with providing all sorts of solar products, water filtration systems, and even camping gear, we also have a growing power tool section, which includes powerful generators.

We supply some of the industry’s best brands such as ACDC, Fragram, Masterplug, TradeWeld, ProNature, AirCraft and Ryobi. All of our tools are well priced and can be ordered via our website and delivered to wherever you need it.

Livestainable Offers an Extensive Range of Tools and DIY Supplies for Sale Online

Currently, we have a wide range of products for sale online and as our collection grows and we continue to expand, so will this page, so check back in future to see what’s new.


Compressors are mechanical devices design to control the pressure of air, gas or whatever else it is that you are compressing. These devices have a wide range of uses and they are available from top brand such as AirCraft, Ryobi, and Trade Air.


South Africans need no introduction to the generator as its buzz is more than familiar to most of our ears. That said, generators continue to play a vital role in our society as they are able to keep us powered and in essence keep businesses afloat. If you don’t yet have a generator or if you are looking for a new one, we stock some of the best from brand such as Ryobi, Trade Power, Fluxtrek, and Victron.

Pressure Washers

One of the most powerful and effective ways to keep surfaces of all kinds clean, the pressure washer is immensely popular in both heavy industries and those small companies looking for an affordable and convenient means to clean. The best kind of pressure washers are available from brands like Fragram, Ryobi, and SaniCubic.

Power Tools

Power tools take DIY to the next level by making it easier and less labour intensive to build whatever it is that you are building. Power tools come in a variety of different options including angle grinders, power saws, jigsaws, jointer plainers, welders, cordless drills and more, from brands like Ryobi, AirCraft, Alpen, and Victron.

Hand Tools

You don’t always need to have a power tool in order to get things done. The hand tool allows you to get into tighter spaces, meaning you can get even closer to the work that you are doing. Hand tools are manufactured by a number of fantastic brands including Hangar, Fragram, Ryobi, AirCraft, and Alpen.

Measuring Instruments

To ensure that whatever it is that you are working on is being built with the right dimensions, it helps to have a selection of measuring instruments available. These instruments include tapes, distance measuring equipment, and even temperature sensors from brands like Fronius, Ryobi, and ACDC.

Tool Kits

Tool kits are wonderful things to have if you are looking for a variety of tools all in one kit which can be conveniently packed away in a safe place. Tool kits are also easy to carry around and are available from some of the world’s top brands including Fragram, ACDC, and Trade Professional.


Sometimes a good quality adhesive is far more effective and far neater than using nails or screws. Adhesives are safe to use and they are also environmentally friendly.

Jump Starters

Whether used for your car or any other machine, jump starters can be your go to power supply when you have nothing else available. Jump starters have a long lifespan and they are more than capable of meeting your needs. ACDC manufactures efficient and affordable jump starters.


Although the building industry has evolved, ladders are still a crucial part of the construction and hobbyist world. At Livestainable, you can buy trusty aluminium ladders from ACDC and Fragram.


Extension cords will allow you to use your power tools in even the most out of reach places. These cords are available in various sizes and they are very much a necessary part of your tool setup.

Timber Treatments

It is not enough to simply put your wood together and hope that it stays in a pristine condition. To ensure that your wood remains looking good, you need to make sure that you have given it the right timber treatment using products like wax balm, wood reviver, and wood cleaner.