Clino X 50kg Filter Media


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  • Superior filtration performance
  • Reduced backwash frequency
  • Removes finer particles
  • Reduces pressure drop
  • Provides higher flow rates
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100 in stock (can be backordered)

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Clino-X is based on a rare natural mineral that is highly processed and graded. Its unique properties allow it to radically alter the performance and cost of media filtration. The hardness, stability, and microporous character of Clino-X makes it a perfect filtration media for virtually every application in the water and wastewater treatment industry.

Filtration Performance

Water filtration, apart from the removal of solids and colloids, increasingly demands efficient removal contaminants including heavy metals and other toxic substances, bacteria, and other parasites. Conventional sand filter systems do no remove all contaminants and therefore alternative or additional systems are required so that the water quality meets compliance regulations.
The filtering abilities of Clino-X offer a versatile and environmentally friendly option to capture most contaminants found in water systems. Natural Clino-X can perform these functions due to their high ion exchange capacity, adsorption-desorption energies, and ability to modification.

Clino-X can remove ammonium (NH4+) and metal cations Pb, Cu, Cd, Zn, Co, Cr, Mn and Fe from solutions with the recovery of ammonium and some metals as high as 97%


  • RO Pretreatment – superior SDI reduction
  • Cooling Towers – unequaled Turbidity removal
  • Municipal Water Treatment, pressure and gravity filters – higher flow, lower pressure drop, and superior filtration performance
  • Wastewater Polishing – exceptional TSS removal
  • Precipitated metals removal
  • Carwash reclaim and recycling
  • Irrigation
  • Aquarium
  • Borehole Water Filtration – iron & manganese removal

Features and benefits

  • Higher solids loading capability
  • Superior filtration performance
  • Reduced backwash frequency
  • Removes finer particles
  • Reduces pressure drop
  • Provides higher flow rates
  • Lightweight / Easy to handle
  • Reduces shipping costs

Physical Properties
Color: Dark Green
Bulk Density: 55 lbs. per cu. ft.
Specific Gravity: 2.2 gm/cc
Granular Size: 0.5-1.8mm
Uniform Coefficient: 1.9
Hardness (Mohs Scale): 4

Conditions Of Operations
Minimum Bed Depth 20″
Recommended Freeboard 50% of bed depth
Service Flow Rate 12 – 20 GPM/sq. ft.
Backwash Flow Rate 12 – 16 GPM/sq. ft.
Backwash Bed Expansion 40% – 50%
Note: Allow the bed to soak overnight before the initial backwash.



CLINO-X Vs Conventional Filter

Sand 20 1.0 x
Sand and Anthracite 15 1.4 x
Multimedia 12 1.6 x
CLINO-X < 5 2.8 x

CLINO-X Ion Exchange Performance Chart

Exchange Capacity: 30,000 mg/l for every 1KG of media
Contaminates Removal – tested at a water hardness of 200 mg/l

Color: 58%  Turbidity: 95%  Total Hardness: 62%  Fluorine: 32%
 Phosphorous: 55%  Ammonia: 99%  Iron: 99%  Manganese: 92%
Copper: 70%  Zinc: 88%  Cyanide: 62%  Chloride: 11%
Haloform: 55%  Volatility Phenol: 85%  Arsenic: 30%  Lead: 98%
Mercury: 28%  Cadmium: 92%  Molybdenum: 70%  Nickel: 25%
Free Chlorine: 96% Nitrate: 14%
SKU: FM-CL Category:
Weight 50 kg
Dimensions 50 × 20 × 30 cm



* No warranty (Consumable Item)

Additional Specifications

Color: Dark GreenBulk Density: 55 lbs. per cu. ft.
Specific Gravity: 2.2 gm/cc
Granular Size: 0.5-1.8mm
Uniform Coefficient: 1.9
Hardness (Mohs Scale): 4

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