SaniCubic 2 Classic Waste Handling For A House Or Business With 4 Inlets

The SaniCubic 2 is a 1 HP heavy-duty duplex grinder system used to pump away wastewater from several bathrooms and fixtures from an entire building structure.

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R34,614.99 Incl.

SaniCubic 2 Classic is a pre-assembled duplex grinder system designed for both residential and commercial applications. Each pump is fitted with a high-performance maceration system. The 2 pumps operate alternately. In the event of inflow overload, both motors run at the same time (or if one of the pumps is faulty, the other one takes over. IP 68 index of protection makes the pump submersible.

Appliances: Several WC’s, wastewaters from kitchen, bathroom, laundry room

The lifting station consists of several components:

  • A lifting station with integrated cutter system, powered by two 1 500w motors each reaching up to a maximum discharge head of 13.5 meters (Q=0 I/Min)
  • A water level detection system
  • 2 non-return valves

The 45L tank has 5 inlets, 1 discharge, and 1 venting connections:

  • Inlet: 1 DN 40/50
  • 4 DN 40/110
  • Discharge: 1 DN 50
  • Vent: 1 DN 50
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Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 68.8 × 51.5 × 44 cm



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Additional Specifications

  • Electrical power supply: 220-240V / 50 Hz
  • Wired audible and visual alarm
  • External control box