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Cto Carbon Block Coconut Shell Based 20 Inch Fat 4.5” Diameter

R 248.00 Vat Incl.
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  • Activated carbon is treated or activated with oxygen to give it tiny holes & make it absorbent like a sponge
  • This solid block of porous carbon creates a chemical reaction when water passes through which absorbs chlorine and other organic materials
  • There is a 5-micron membrane surrounding the activated carbon block filter to trap any particles that may detach during the water filtration process

Great tasting, high-quality water from every tap in your home, active removal of unnatural and natural contaminants such as Chlorine, Benzene, Simazine, Lindane and many more. 

Customer Reviews

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Filters delivered as promised

I ordered and received the correct big blue filters, in reasonable time. There could be more information on the website to enable one to distinguish between different quality filters, as the price seems to be the only guideline. That said, the communication after placing the order was good, and there was an offer to engage further.