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Solar Water Heating Pv System 150L- (No Panels)

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SKU 150L PV Waterheating System -(No Panels)
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Electrical Geyser Solar Conversion Kit

Is your electricity bill too high at the end of the month?

Did you know that up to 60% of that bill is your geyser's consumption? 

Would you like to completely remove your geyser/s from the grid? 

Then this is what you need!

With NO PLUMBING and NO MAINTENANCE, convert your existing geyser to solar with this modular system. ALSO BENEFIT FROM NOT REPLACING YOUR GEYSER ELEMENT FOR UP TO 10 YEARS.

The Off grid Geyser heating package is your answer to this issue, this unit allows you to completely CUT out your geyser from using any electricity for your water heating needs. Though it has a AC backup for overcast days.The system uses PV technology and a newly developed PTC AC/DC element to heat the water in the geyser. This is different from  thermal hot water systems where water is circulated from a collector (Solar Panel) through pipes to the geyser by either making use of a 220V pump, 12V pump or thermo siphoning.The kit includes the following. 


Click Here to download the installation guide.

3x 250w  Renewsys (Photovotaic) Panels (Not Included)  - Save some cash and source your own panels. Click Here for the "panels included" kit.

1x 2kw AC (230V)/ DC (900W) Element Stainless 

1x Anderson Connectors (on element)

1x Flange - if required

1x PTC Stainless Steel Sensor Tube (Mounted on Flange)

1x ECO MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracker) 

1x Geyserwise PV1 Controller

1x Element Connector Cable 

1x 6m Male to Female Ext. Cable Black 

1x 6m Male to Female 4mm Ext. Cable Red


What are the advantages of a system like this? 

 • You can convert any geyser
 • No plumbing is required.
 • You do not need a pump to circulate water.
 • Panels are frost resistant.
 • Safety features added to prevent overheating you can set your own water temperature.
 •It is suitable for any weather condition.
 • It does not matter where the geyser is, you can still have this :-)

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