Track your order

Parcel Location

Track the physical location of your parcel as it is being shipped to your delivery address. Please have your waybill number ready. This is the tracking number provided to you via email when we fulfilled your order, you will be asked to enter it on the next page.

Please use the “Track on UAfrica” button if you received an email from one of our fulfillment experts where the link contains the word “Uafrica”. If the link received via email contains “The Courier Guy” , please use the “Track on The Courier Guy” button. For Emit Tracking , Ditto!

Note: *We apologize for the inconvenience, we are currently improving our tracking experience and will be launching an on-site tracking experience very soon. 

*It is important to know that there might not be any live tracking info if we have not yet shipped the item/s or if the collection has been booked but not yet collected by the courier. Please allow up to 24hours in some cases to see tracking results.