UPS System 8kW Deye Inverter with 10.2kWh LifePo4 Battery Backup Only Fully Installed


Power up your home or office with the UPS System 8kW Deye Inverter. This reliable and efficient system is equipped with a powerful 10.2kWh LifePo4 Battery for uninterrupted backup. With a fully installed setup, you can stay worry-free during power outages. The 8kW Deye Inverter ensures smooth transitions and keeps your essential devices running smoothly. Don’t let a power outage disrupt your life, invest in the UPS System 8kW Deye Inverter for ultimate peace of mind.

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5 - 9 R105,839.02
10 + R103,679.04
Would you like to add more battery storage than what we offer ? More batteries will allow you to store more energy for the rainy days or getting you through the night.
If you have a compatible generator and would like for it to be integrated with your system please select "Yes". *Generators will only be connected as an alternate power supply to the loads required and not for topping up battery State Of Charge.
If you have another DB getting power from the main DB that has to be split and given new energy from your inverter, this is not included with our standalone solution. A site survey is required to provide an estimate on what that will cost.
In order to prepare for the installation we need to know if your main DB is Three Phase or single phase.
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UPS System 8kW Deye Inverter with 10.2kWh LifePo4 Battery Backup Only Fully Installed

Through our trusted installer we now offer a competitively priced turnkey solution. The supply and installation of a comprehensive solar system to get you closer to grid independence. We only choose future components meaning the highest quality components are chosen and grouped to not only give modularity but industry-leading life expectancy.

Looking for an all-in-one solution to power your home or office during outages? Look no further than the UPS System 8kW Deye Inverter with 10.2kWh LifePo4 Battery Backup Only Fully Installed. This powerful UPS system is designed to provide seamless backup power to keep your essential devices running when the grid goes down.

Featuring an 8kW Deye inverter, this UPS system delivers reliable and efficient power conversion, ensuring that your devices receive a clean and stable power supply. With its 10.2kWh LifePo4 battery, you can rest assured that you’ll have enough backup power to keep your important electronics up and running for extended periods.

The UPS System 8kW Deye Inverter with 10.2kWh LifePo4 Battery Backup Only Fully Installed is a fully installed solution, meaning you don’t have to worry about the installation process. Our team of experts will handle everything, from the initial setup to testing and maintenance, ensuring a hassle-free experience for you.

With its sleek and compact design, this UPS system can be easily integrated into any space without taking up much room. Its advanced features, such as overload protection and automatic voltage regulation, provide added peace of mind, safeguarding your devices from power surges and fluctuations.

Invest in the UPS System 8kW Deye Inverter with 10.2kWh LifePo4 Battery Backup Only Fully Installed and never worry about power outages again. Keep your important devices running smoothly and protect them from unexpected power interruptions. Order yours today and experience the ultimate backup power solution.


Inverter and Battery Includes:

1x Complete System Commissioning

1x 8kW Deye Hybrid Parity Inverter

2x 5.1 kWH Deye LifePo4 Battery



  1. Installation of the entire system within 200km of Central Pretoria, Gauteng. Thereafter R 4.20 Excl per km.

  1. Complete System Commissioning
  2. Electrical Certificate of Compliance
  3. 2 Site Visits (First for installation and second visit for completing and commissioning of system)
  4. Electrical rewiring of existing main Distribution board to allow for essential and non essential load connections. This include relocating circuits only at the main distribution board.
  5. Assisting customer with remote monitoring setup. (Customer will need to have wireless internet connection.)
  6. 2x Remote system logins and configuration.
  7. 12 Month Warranty On Workmanship
  8. 10 Year Warranty on Inverter and Battery
  9. 25 Year Output Warranty on PV Panels
  10. 12 Month Warranty on Electrical DC and AC switchgear.



  1. Plug Tracing to connect certain plugs to inverter. (Any additional plug tracing required will be quoted for seperately)
  2. Multiple site visits. (Allowance only for 2 consecutive visits.)
  3. Multiple remote support connections. (Allowance only for 2x Remote support logins.)
  4. Supply and installations of additional equipment not specified above.
  5. Geyser connections. (We do not connect your geyser to the inverter. This can be done on request and only upon mutual agreement.)
  6. Installing components further than the above cable lengths allow.
  7. Wall chasing and plastering. (Wiring and trunking are to be surface mounted and not chased into walls. We do not do any plastering, rebuilding or brickwork.)
  8. Repairing walls after drilling. (We always do our best to ensure we use the best tool for the job and the most competent workmanship, if there are any plaster cracks or displacement we friendly request that you repair those yourself.
  9. Replacement of broken roof tiles. (In the rare occasion that a roof tile might break, we will not replace or repaint any damaged roof sections)
  10. Mounting panels on Slate or higher than normal pitch roofs. (These mounting circumstances need to be quoted for seperately.)
  11. Making changes to the roof orientation to have panels facing north. (We will only mount panels in the most suitable orientation based on existing conditions).
  12. Panel mounting on a flat roof. (Allowance only for pitched roofs. Flat roofs will have to be quoted for seperately.)
  13. Fuses are considered a consumable item and therefore carries no warranty. (Fuses are adequately sized)


About the main components:

Inverter : 8kW Deye Hybrid Parity Inverter

Deye 48v 8kW Hybrid Inverter is suitable for residential and light commercial use, maximizing self-consumption rate of solar energy and increasing your energy impendence.

Weight: 24Kg

Output Power : 8000w Continuous

Max Output Power : 8500w Continuous

Warranty : 5 Year Manufacturers Warranty (Upgradeable to 10 Years if paired with a Deye approved Battery)

Power Factor : 1 (Single Phase 230V)

*To see more technical information about the 8kW Deye Inverter, please click on the downloads tab and download the Datasheet and/or User Manual.

Battery: 5.1kWh Deye LifePo4 Battery

Deye 5.1Kwh LFP Lithium Battery 51.2V The cathode material is made from LiFeP04 with safety performance and long cycle life, The module has less self-discharge, up to 6 months without charging on the shelf, no memory effect, and excellent performance of shallow charge and discharge.

Weight: 44Kg

Capacity : 5.1kWh

Chemistry: LifePo4

Warranty: 10 Years with a Deye Inverter


How it works:

  1. You purchase and pay for the service by means of adding it to the cart.
  2. You must select one of our Trusted Installer Teams.
  3. Select an installation date witch suits you.
  4. Want even more batteries? please add if needed.
  5. Do you have a generator, don’t worry you can add generator integration.
  6. Please select if you need work done on another DB. (Compulsory)
  7. Please Choose an option on how many phases you have. (Compulsory)
  8. Once an installation date has been confirmed we arrive on the date to finalize the installation.

Important Notice: Livestainable relies on the relevant suppliers/manufacturers and/or third party sellers to provide adequate information displayed on the products we promote on Livestainable.co.za. Therefore, in some cases Errors and Ommissions could be expected.

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Additional information

Weight 300 kg !
Shipping Dimensions L 300 × W 300 × H 90 (cm) !
Nominal Voltage

Parallel Compatible

Wave Form

Power Factor

Battery Compatibility


Built In AC Charging

Built In MPPT


Built In WiFi Monitoring





datasheet_Deye 48v 8KWSE-G5.1-Pro-SE-G5.3