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Camp Cover Gear Saddle Bag Ripstop Universal Charcoal

Excellent value for money

Has 2x 5 micron filters and a carbon filter. The mounting bracket was upside down but that's an east fix by just removing the bolts and swapping it around. Excellent product and excellent value for money

Excellent service from Live Stainable

Battery delivered as promised. Batteries are very heavy.
Installed them, now keeping the lights on during load shedding.
Will have to see how long the batteries will last.

Wenko Turbo-Loc Only Toilet Paper Holder Only Quadro Range Stainless Steel

Looks good, easy to stick- hope it lasts

Victron smart battery protect

Very happy with your service and the Victron battery protect

Great product

Decent Product

I had to reinforce the back board to strengthen the mounting and the door doesn't close completely however this is still a decent product.

Chante du Preez is uitstekend!!

Geaser timer online purchase

I got a geyser timer from the online store. Updates around shipping, tracking and delivery was good. I was also assisted to get in touch with the aftersales support from the supplier, will highly recommend. Only reason for not giving full stars is that the product information, both on livestainable and the supplier didn't fully explain all the required assembly options.

Works perfectly.

Great product

I've installed the ups and it does exactly what it should. Thanks.

Victron Energy 12V/220Ah AGM Deep Cycle Battery

Polypropylene Sediment Water Filter Cartridge 10 Inch Standard

Bright Star 60W Outdoor Light Standing Lantern Aluminium Black

Victron Energy 12V/230Ah AGM Super Cycle

Great buying and delivery experience. Received the batteries and connected to chargers to determine how quick they go to float. No issues this far. Will test its load capability soon...

Excellent product, affordable and efficient delivery from service provider


When I put the gemini twinsweep in the pool it kept hanging backwards above the pool floor touching the bottom only with the tip of the skirt. After forcing it onto the floor, the skirt refused to attach itself to the floor - it seemed to be too stiff to bend. So I took the old Gemini's skirt and foot pad and fitted it to the new Gemini. The problem was solved. Since the old pipes were still servicable I kept on using them
Prior to buying the new Gemini, I replaced the hammer(badly worn) and swivel assembly on the old one. Since it kept stop-starting with the new hammer. Rather than throwing good money after bad,I bought the new one from you.

Thank you for your good service.
We have received in good order and shall give you feedback soonest.

Dashboard cover

It’s exactly what we wanted, for our travels, now our sunnies, Phones and chargers, sweeties, pens, maps, and books and lots more don’t fly around the place, and it’s just a stretch away, a neat vehicle makes us happy travellers ... a very satisfied shopping experience!!

Ryobi Mini Tool Kit 130W With 40 Piece Accessory And Flexible Shaft

Canadian Solar 340W Super High Power Polycrystalline PERC HiKU With MC4?

Works well.

Victron Energy 12V/220Ah Gel Deep Cycle Battery

Victron IP65 12/15 charger

Awsome product. My caravan battery charger problem solved! Thank you Livestainable for excellent service.

Victron Energy 12V/165Ah Gel Deep Cycle Battery

Lava lamp rainbow

Very good product. Extremely pleased with the way it works. Real good value for money. Pleasure doing business.